I’m a UK based freelance photographer who takes photos for people and brands.



What I shoot and who it is for:

  • Commercial photos: striking product and lifestyle shots for some pretty cool brands and magazines
  • Wedding photos: beautiful “in the moment” emotional photography for amazing wedding couples


The story so far
In 2008 a pocket camera, a desk lamp and my enduring relationship with art and photography got me thinking. By early 2009 my business was established and I was delighted to be shooting in the studio for top outdoor clothing brand Rab.

Now outdoor product and lifestyle images are at the forefront of my commercial work and I find myself shooting outside the studio as much as in.

2009 was also the year I picked up the bug for wedding photojournalism after shooting a “friend of a friend” wedding. I now shoot a carefully limited amount of weddings throughout the UK each year – although you’ll most likely find me at a farm or barn wedding in the glorious Derbyshire Peak District.

I’m pleased to say my work has featured in magazines, brochures and exhibitions as well as on t-shirts, websites, and walls. The next few years are set to be an exciting time – I hope you can be part of them.


How it works (being seriously diverse!)
Whether working on a collaborative project with a team of chic creative types, shooting at a remote location or capturing a wedding I’m always on a quest for the perfect image.

All sides of my work share the spotlight and I unashamedly thrive on the diversity and challenge. New experiences in one field of my work push me to continually evolve the other areas – giving my photography breadth, both technically and creatively.


Location and area covered
I live in Wirksworth, Derbyshire (UK), on the corner of the beautiful Peak District National Park. I work for clients in the UK and internationally.


The bit about me. . .



How it came to be
Born in Yorkshire… grew up in Derbyshire. I’ve always been a creative and adventurous type, and after a fine art degree and a few travels here and there I’m now back in Derbyshire, England, doing what I love as a seasoned pro.


The plan now
Live life with my fantastic partner Jen and our children. Enjoy the outdoors and time with friends. Work on exciting photography projects with great people.


What makes me tick
I love a good adventure – anything that involves mountains or the countryside. My mountain bike is a dear friend, and skydiving from a helicopter over the Swiss Alps was an adrenaline highlight. I’m inspired by the natural world/ dramatic landscapes and great human endeavours.

Hearing the amazing comments people have for my photographs is always a welcomed treat.


If I wasn’t a photographer…
…I’d love to try my hand at “jungle explorer”, “rescue pilot” or “jaffa cake tester”.


Creative mission:
To craft killer photos; be creative with whatever I do; help others excel along the way.





“We are struggling to put into words just how thankful we are for your incredible work…  You are a fantastic photographer and we would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

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