Dance costume photography – catalogue shoot.

A photo-shoot like this is always a team effort (wardrobe, choreography, dancers, hair, makeup, photography) – so, thank you to all involved.

Making the costumes look amazing is of course the priority when it comes to my lighting decisions, but with minimal downtime available between costumes (wardrobe run a tight ship!) it’s also necessary to use a setup that’s quickly adaptable.

With the dancers often in motion or unlikely to be able to hold a position for long, my timing is also paramount – practice makes perfect!

Here you can find a handful of images from a multi-day catalogue shoot.

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Dance photography of catsuit costumes with mesh hoods

Dance photographs on white background for catalogue shoot Grey bar


Dancer on the floor in elegant pose wearing shiny blue catsuit


Grey bar


Crazy dance costume photographed for catalogue shoot on a dancer in an unusual twisted pose


Grey bar




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